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Polly Hensel is a Colorado native living in Worcester Massachusetts.  She earned her BFA from Metropolitan State College, and a masters degree  in Integrative Arts from Regis University in Colorado.

She has worked in the field of art education since 1999 and enjoys working with students and being engaged in the field of art education.

She is a strong advocate for the need for arts in our educational system because she very much believes that the act of creating and enjoying art is an integral part of what makes a person whole.

 Polly Hensel states; "It is through art that one can express emotion and ideas that can be hard to relate verbally. The process of creating art enables  the activity of problem solving to work more fluidly.

The realms of mind are unique to each of us. The Arts allow each individual to share visions and ideas in a manner that speaks deeper than day-to-day conversation.

To share this experience with others is something that is very special to the human species. Visually, musically, and linguistically we are able to create works of art that expand each of our horizons, so that we then can add on to this expansion.

Further more- the creative act is a key element in our species evolution."

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