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Frequency Meditation

Meditation always begins with the breath, the vibration and undulation of the breath.

The sensation of the rise and fall... the pattern of life.

Noticing the space surrounding the body by becoming very quiet within.

Feeling the sensation of the earth supporting... feeling the expansiveness of your surroundings.

Sense the frequency of this space. Turn inward and notice your internal environment... relaxing any tension in the body that is observed.

Be soft and let go...


match the frequency of your interior space to your exterior space- relax..

Let all effort fall away.

Feel the frequency of space.

As mind reacts, notice the tension created by the body..let it all fall away. Thought forms recognized and released, tension in the muscles relaxed.

Match your frequency within to the space surrounding... All is as it is.

Say, "I am not there, I am here. I am not doing, I am being."

Returning again and again.

Relaxing and merging with the universe.

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