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I have been a yoga practitioner for 30 years. Along with helping me to stay physically healthy it has helped my mental well-being tremendously. The ability to stabilize my emotions and perceive life more objectively is a great benefit I receive from yoga.

My continuous practice over 30 years has evolved and the yoga began to intertwine naturally with my creative thought and art process.

States of awareness and levels of consciousness is a commonality between art and yoga. Both activities can bring the practitioner to a point of stillness where awareness of being is in a conscious flow state; "the dancer is being danced by the dance". This state of awareness is a connection and a conversation with spirit.

Psychology, evolution and the placement of art and its importance within the development of our species is something I'm fascinated with. In 2010 I wrote a paper called "Art, Evolution and Consciousness" it was this paper that expanded my thinking of the importance that art plays not only our personal development but in the development of our entire collective species, our evolution.

Back in 2011 I earned my certificate to become a yoga teacher. It was at this time I began to develop a practice I call YogArte.

What is YogArte?

YogArte is the integration of meditation, yoga and mark making. The practice is a flow which weaves the three activities into a dance of awareness.

Why YogArte?

Through evolution and social conditioning our minds have been trained to make discernments of good/bad and right/wrong. These discernments are necessary in helping us to learn and grow; however, there comes a point in our habitual judgement where the mind becomes destructive, holding us back from taking creative risks as well as, creating obstructions in our enjoyment of process.

Through the practice of YogArte we begin to move into a state of awareness where we can begin to re-train the mind to enjoy process, be present in the moment and create without judgment and we can move into a flow state of consciousness.

YogArte releases stress from the body and from the mind.

In YogArte we engage our natural desire to join with spirit through presence of being; making marks, expressing emotion and enjoying movement.

Through mark-making; we celebrate, we commemorate, we explore and we evolve.

Moving Beyond the Veil


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